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Pre-bid conference for visa/passport/OCI

As scheduled, the pre-bid conference for outsourcing of visa/passport/OCI services was held under the Chairmanship of the Deputy High Commissioner in the Mission at 1630 hours on Tuesday, Feb 19, 2013. Others representing the Mission were Counsellor(Consular), First Secretary(HOC) and Attache(Visa).

2. The following representatives of four of the six bidding companies, who submitted EOI, attended: Shri.Saurabh Gupta(DGM-Business Development, Cox and Kings Global Services), Shri.Diwakar Aggarwal and Mr.Sunil Peiris, (both Directors, BLS International), Mr.B.Chenthuran(Country Manager), and Mr.D.Jayakumar(Unit Manager, VFS Global) and Mr.Shermin Pietersz (General Manager, Advantage Technologies, partners of CMC Limited).

3. Following points were discussed in the pre-bid conference:

i) Mr.Shermin Pietersz queried if the floor area for the waiting hall proposed in the RFP can be reduced. He was informed that the same was worked out while factoring future requirements (the term of the outsourcing agency would be three years). Besides, in view of the proposal to introduce bio-metric feature the Mission expects the turn around time for each applicant to increase, thereby warranting the said seating capacity for applicants in the waiting hall.

ii) Mr.Chenthuran sought to know if value-added services would be considered for selection of service provider. DHC clarified that the same would be considered only in case of a tie among service providers on other factors listed in the RFP.

iii) DHC wanted to know the transition period required by a new service provider to start operations and difficulties, if any, that service providers have come across during transition period from their experience elsewhere. Shri.Saurabh Gupta, informed that a transition period of 90 days would be required. Shri.Diwakar Aggarwal, said that they had come across some difficulties during transition period in some countries but he does not have the exact details. However, he added that the same had been ironed out.

iv) Shri.Diwakar Aggarwal informed that he had not received a copy of the Q&A mailed by the Mission to all the six bidding companies (the answers had been prepared by the Mission on the basis of queries received from bidding companies). He was informed that the mail was sent to (the email ID of the nodal person indicated in the EOI document). He mentioned that as he had been travelling, he had not checked his mail. A hard copy of the same was made available to him at the conference.

4. The conference ended with DHC proposing a vote of thanks.