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Hindustani Vocal and Violin Recital by Dr. Himanshu Vishwaroop & Mr. Manas Himanshu Vishwaroop

Indian Culture Centre, Colombo is organizing a Hindustani Vocal and Violin Recital by Dr. Himanshu Vishwaroop & Mr. Manas Himanshu Vishwaroop, eminent musicians from India at 6.00 pm on 11 January 2013 at ICC auditorium.

Born in a cultured and a knowledgeable and reputed family at Gwalior, which has always been the very cradle of Gwalior Gharana of Indian Classical Music, Dr. Himanshu had learnt violin from no less and illustrious Guru than Late Pt. Keshavrao (Dada) Surange for 20 years. He also had the guidance from Pt. Bimlendu Mukharjee & Late Padmashree Ustad Abdul Latif Khan.

Dr. Himanshu did his Ph.D. thesis in "Gwalior Ki Vaadan Paramparayen" under the guidance of Dr. Arun Bangre at Nagpur University in 1996. Possessing "B" high Grade of All India Radio & Doordarshan he has so far made a very successful and impressive exhibition of his Violin Virtuoso in many cultural soirees.

Considered as one of the finest violinists, he has in his repertoire a vast collection of Ragas and his Presentation is amply studded with Meend, Gamak and tuneful Gayaki supported by Jugalbandi performances. He is a regular participant in many a Musical Meets and seminars and his many masterly papers have been published in a number of music periodicals. His son and disciple Manas inculcated musical instincts very early under the tutelage of his parents, Dr Himanshu Vishwaroop (Violin Scholar and Reader, Bhatkhande University) & Prof. Dr. Veena Vishwaroop (Vocal Dept., Indira Kala Sangeet University and later by Pt. Babanrao Haldankar, renowned musicologist & vocalist of the Agra Gharana, under the guidance of whom Manas is still continuing his quest for musical excellence.

The admission is free on first come first served basis.