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Consular Notice for Indian Nationals in Northern Province, Sri Lanka

The Consulate General of India, Jaffna wishes to inform all Indian nationals in Northern Province, Sri Lanka that the following mechanism has been put in place to address their grievances and contingency situations, if any:

I.Open Days:

Open days to facilitate meeting with the Consul General, Consulate General of India, Jaffna, at his office, on the first and third Tuesday of every month between 1600 and 1700 hours.Those wishing to meet the Consul General are requested to inform the contact persons (mentioned below) at least a day in advance, alongwith a brief description of the matter to be discussed.

II.Contact Points:

The following Consular officers can be contacted at all times:

i)Shri A. Rajamanickkam


+94 021 2220995 (on working days)

+94 021 2220504

ii)Shri Jos Robert

Assistant Consular Officer

+94 021 2220504 (on working days)

iii)Consulate General of India, Jaffna (Reception) – On working days

+94 021 2220504-05

PS: The Duty Officer at the Reception has been instructed to note details of Indian nationals calling and communicate to the officers mentioned above.


All Indian nationals are requested to register online on the HCI, Colombo website – (on the home page, please bring the mouse pointer over “Register” and in the drop down box with three options, click on the second option “Form for Indian nationals registration” and complete the details). Indian nationals are also welcome to visit the Consulate General of India, Jaffna for personal interaction and registration with Consul (CPV) or Assistant Consular Officer.