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CORRIGENDUM - Construction of 200 beds ward at General Hospital of Vavuniya.

Reference Tender No. HCI/COM/228/35/2010 dated 21st February 2012 for Construction of 200 beds ward at General Hospital of Vavuniya.

Bidders may note the following changes in the Tender documents:

1. Item 1A3 – size of the building 8.0m x 5.0m

    Item 1A5 – size of the building 4.0m x 3.0m

2. Items 2B11, 2B16, 2G7 and 2G8 are Provisions

3. Items 2E4, 2E12, 2E19 and 2E26 quantities are corrected as 22.00.
Items 2E7, 2E14, 2E21 and 2E28 quantities are corrected as 100.00.
Item 2H10 quantity is corrected as 170.00.
Items 5A19, 5A44, 5A67 and 5A89 quantities corrected as 100.00m.

4. Item 2F2 – for machine room and water tank.

5. Item No. 3F4 and 4F5 are corrected as 2F4 and 2F5 respectively.

6. Items 5A18, 5A43, 5A65 and 5A88 are 6mm2 wire (7/044 single core).

7. Item 5A93 is corrected as 25mm2 4-core main wire unarmoured.

8. Items 5A104 and 5A105 are deleted.

9. Item 5A107 is corrected as “single phase 900ABC box with 32Amp 2-pole Isolator, 40Amp 2-pole RCCB, necessary MCB’s rating 6A,10A,16A and etc.’’

10. Floor tiles sizes 18’’ x 18’’ / 24’’x 24’’ as directed by Engineer.

11. Approximate rate

  1. Homogenous vitreous porcelain tile minimum Rs.210.00 per sq.ft.
  2. 200mm x 200mm toilet floor tiles minimum Rs.130.00  per sq.ft.
  3. Wall tiles 300mm x 200mm – minimum Rs.105.00 per sq.ft.
  4. Pedestal wash basin minimum Rs.7000.00.
  5. Low level suit with cistern minimum Rs.15,200.00.

12. Cable detail for MM 400Amp - 4x150mm2 is corrected as 240mm2 in Drawing No.A315 Ele, sheet 5/5.


Bidders are also advised to submit the original Technical and Financial bids in duplicate along-with a soft copy of the Financial Bid.

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