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Corrigendum on Up-gradation of 70 Child Development Centres

Reference Tender No. NO.COL/DC/228/2/2011 dated 17 February 2013 for Upgrading Child Development Centers in Sri Lanka.

Bidders may note the following changes in the Tender documents:

1. BOQ

Item No. 36 in Agarsland estate of Ratnapura region for Construction of new
hearth slab, kitchen slab including block work, plastering & RCC slab can be
quoted for lump sum.

2. Drawings: As per annexure-l

3. List of furniture: As per annexure-ll

4. Bidders may note that the last date for submission of the bid has been
extended till 1500 hrs on 22 March 2013.

All other terms & conditions of the tender will remain unchanged. This corrigendum Notice will be a part & parcel of the tender.

Find the more detail in the attached document.

Download Tender Document