Comm Wing 2003-2004

Slots utilized under Colombo Plan - 2003-2004

Sl.No Name &Address Institute Course & Session


Mrs. I.M.S.C.Kumari
Mrs. M.A.C.Pathmini
Mrs. T.S.T.Hettige
Mr. T.M.W.Chandrasiri
Ms. N.H.Rayigama
Mr. M.V.W.Zoysa

International Statistical Education Centre, Kolkata

Regular course in Statistics
from 1.6.2003 to 31.3.2004


Mr. P.N.D.Fernando

JIS College of Engineering, Kolkota

Master Degree in Business Administration
from 18.8.2003 to 15.6.2005


Mr. P.De Vas Gunawardena

The Society For Development Studies, New Delhi

Need Assessment, Moitoring Evaluation & Information Generation
Techniques for Decentralised Governance


Mr. K.Upananda
Mr. P.G.Chandrarathne
Mr. G.S.B.Karunaratne
Mr. M.G.G.Wimalasinghe

Comptroller of Auditor General of India - Noida

Audit of Social Services Sector 
from 4.8.03 to 3.9.03
Audit of Rural Development 
from 22.9.03 to 21.10.2003


Mr. M.J.Jayavilal Fernando

Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in Asia Pacific - Dehradun

Remote Sensing and GIS in Biodiversity Conservations


Mr. S.D.J.Thushara

Shriram Institute of Business & Information Technology - New Delhi

Hardware and networking from 8.9.2003 to 12.12.2003


Mr. KHSK Kithsiri
Mr. S.G.Walpita
Mr. R.A.A.C.Rajakaruna
Mr. S.Koneswaramoorthy

Kothari Agricultural Management, Coonoor

Advanced Programme in Tea Plantation Management
from 1.9.2003 to 31.10.2003


Mr. RPI Premalal 
Mr. C.Kuruppu

Bureau of Parliamentary Studies and Training, New Delhi

Parliament Internship Programme 
from 8.10.2003 to 29.11.2003


Mrs. M.Y.Perera
Mrs. D.Peiris


Empowerment of Women through Enterprises Promotion,
Identification and Selection 
from 13.10.03 to 19.12.03


Mr. PGMr. Palipane

Indian Grain Storage Management & Research Institute - Hapur

Indian Grain Storage Inspection and Pest Control 
from 3.11.03 to 12.1.2004


Mrs. DCM Madurawala
Mr. V.M.Weerasinghe
Mr. N.Kulasekera

National Institute of Financial Management (NIFM) Faridabad

Accounting and Financial Management in Government Sector
10.11.03 to 19.12.03


Mr. HEJ.Silva

Bureau of Parliamentary Studies & Training, New Delhi

Legislative Drafting 
from 12.12.2003 to 2.2.2004



Central Institute of Tool Design, Hyderabad

Mechatronics and Its Applications
from 5.1.2004 to 19.3.2004


Mr. SA Wimalasinghe
Mr. PK Welivitigoda

Central Foot Wear Training Institute , Chennai

Footware Shoe Suuper Clicking'
from 5.1.2004 to 4.2.2004


Mr. RDP Jayathunge
Mr. NKS Chandrasekera
Mr. WVS A.Fonseka
Ms. S.D.C.Priyanka
Mr. G.S.Karunarathne

CMC Ltd., New Delhi

Development Implementation and Management of Computer Software Applications
from 5.1.04 to 26.3.2004
Information Technology (Advanced Training Programme) 
from 16.2.04 to 26.3.2004


Mr. K.M.Chandrasena
Mrs. RR Samarakoon
Ms. HBS Ramanayake

Central Poultry Training Institute, Bangalore

Poultry Nutrition and Feeding
from 2.2.2003 to 28.3.03


Mr. UPK Epa
Mrs. M.M.Goonasekera

Veterinery Research Institute, Bereily

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Techniques from 1.2.2004 to 1.3.2004


Mr. M.A.N.Perera

Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Ahmedabad

Industrial Project Prepration and Appraisal and
Financial and Economic Analysis of Industrial and Infrastrrcture
from 16.2.04 to 26.3.04

Slots utilized under ITEC Programame for the year 2003-2004

Sl.No Name & Address Institute Course & Session


Ms. M.A.Priyani

Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi

Diploma Course in Development Journalism
Aug. 2003 to Nov. 2003


Mr. M.R.Keegal

Foreign Service Institute, New Delhi

PCFD Programme 
27.10.03 to 6.12.2003


Mrs. SPAD Weerasuria
Mr. A.C.K.Sumanasekera
Mr. W.A.S.Upananda

CMC Ltd., New Delhi

Adv.Information Technology 
from 11.8 to 19.9.2003 
Development Implementation and Management of Computer Software Applications, 
29.9.2003 to 19.12.2003


Mr. S.P.Bandara
Mr. J.J.Rathnasiri
Mr. P.A.S.Ananda Silva
Mr. L.H.S.Hemantha
Mr. M.M.B.Weerasekera

Institute of Applied Manpower Research - New Delhi

Masters Degree in Human Resources Planning and Development 
from 1.2.2004 to 31.1.2005
(12 months prog.)


Mr. W.H.Sirisena
Mrs. N.A.Chandrani
Mr. K.L.N.Deshapriya
Mrs. P.H.Yasanayake
Mr. T.Uthayakumar
Mr. M.S.M.Aliyar
Mr. L.M.J.K.Lindara

NISIET, Hyderabad

Small Enterprises Development and Promotions 
from 28.7.2003 to 3.10.03
Food Processing Enterprises for WomenTotal Quality Management 
ISO 9000/14000 & QS 9000 
from 13.10.03 to 19.12.2003
Promotion of Export Oriented Agro Industries 
from 12.1.2004 to 19.3.2004


Mr. M.B.B.Sri Nissanka
Mrs. N.H.J.B.Gunaratne
Mr. K.D.Perera

Technical Teachers Training Institute Taramani, Chennai

Advanced Certificate Course on Educational Television production 
from 3.9.2003 to 18.11.2003
Advanced Certificate Course in curriculam Design and Instructional Material Development 
from 5.1.2003 to 26.3.2004


Ms. K.V.J.E.Perera 
Mr. Edirappuli
Ms. H.P.Ranasinghe 
Mr. S.A.Thilakarathne
Mr. H.M.R.A.Bandara
Mr. A.M.U.P.Adikari

Centre For Development of Advanced Computing -Mohali

Advanced Course on Multi Media and Web Design 
from 8.9.2003 to 29.11.2003
Advanced Course in Computer Net works Engineering & Management 
from 19.1.2004 to 10.4.2004
Advanced Course in Computer Aided Designing and Drafting 
from 19.1.2004 to 10.4.2004


Rev.T.Chandrananda Thero
Mr. D.Arandara

Aptech Ltd., Mumbai

Client Server Computing 
from 22.9.03 to 1.11.2003


Mr. MABC Aloka Bandara
Ms. HMs.J Menike
Mrs. RMr. Mr. Rathnayke
Ms. RPN Champika

NIRD - Hyderabad

Rural Micro Enterprise Development 
from 6.10.03 to 4.11.2003
Managaement of Micro Enterprises for Rural Women 
6.10.03 to 16.11.2003


Mr. B.D.Ariyaratne
YDN Fernando

Bureau of Indian Standards - New Delhi

Standardization and Quality Assurance for Developing Countries
From 3.10.03 to 5.12.2003


Mrs. HM Chandrakanthi
Mr. K.G.S.Nissanka
Ms. NPDAM Nissanka
Ms. AHKJ Wimalanatha
Ms. UWRR Mallika
Ms. G.R.Damayanthi
Mr. K.Mendis
Mr. D.M.Gunapala
Ms. NPAR Jayawardena

National Institute of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development, New Delhi

Women and Enterprises Development 
from 14.10.2003 to 5.12.2003
Small Business Planning and Promotion 
from 14.10.2003 to 5.12.2003


Mr. A.M.Wickramasena

Human Settlement Management Institute, New Delhi

Urban Development Management 
from 20.10.2003 to 12.12.03


Ms. MWARP Wijesinghe
Mrs. TGMU Priyangika
Ms. SD Sriyalatha

Institute of Got., Accounts & Finance

Got. Accounts and Financial Management


Mr. WAD Wijayarathne
Mr. KKV Dharmasiri

Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India, Noida

Auditing Information Technology 
from 10.11.2003 to 9.12.2003


Mrs. W.S.Karunarathne

Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Ahmedabad

Management Development
From 3.11.2003 to 12.2.2003


Mrs. WPCM Upasena

Tata Infotech Ltd., New Delhi

Mastering Enterprise Networks 
from 10.11.2003 to 19.12.2003


Mrs. TAYM Ranawana
Mrs. JMHC Samarakoon

Bureau of Parliamentary Studies and Training, New Delhi

Legislative Drafting 
1.12.2003 to 13.2.2004


Mr. W.G.Premasiri

The Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad

General Management Programe for Senior Executives 
from 5.1.2004 to 26.3.2004


Mr. K.S.Kaluarachchi

National Crime Records Bureau, New Delhi

Advanced ‘Finger Prints Science and Computers‘ 
from 5.1.2004 to 26.3.2004