Comm Wing 2001-2002

Details of applicants offered scholarships under TCS Colombo Plan for the year 2001/2002

Sl.No Name & Address Institute Course & Session



Department of Hydrology, University of Roorkee, Roorkee

International Post Graduate Hydrology Course 
16.7.2001 to July 2002


Ms. C.T.Masakorale
Mr. B.K.Jayasundera
Mr. N.M.Wijeratna Banda

Fluid Control
Research Inst.,
Palghat - 678623

Oil and Gas flow measurement and Control Techniques
21.5.2001 to 21.8.2001
Flow Measurment & Control In Process Inds & Water Distribu-tion System 
from 10.9. 2001 to 10.12.2001


Mr. K.M.Ranasiri
Mr. R.A.Weerasuriya
Mr. W.P.S.Abeydeera
Mr. S.R.Rajapakse
Mr. B.G.Wijesiriwardana
Mr. W.Kodituwakku S.Y.Cyril
Mr. S.Hettiarachi
Mr. M.M.M.Sahiran
Ms. M.G.K.Indralatha
Mr. Jayantha Peiris
Mr. U.A.Dayapala

Indian Institute for Production Management, Kansbahal

Manufacturing Engineering and Management
from 2.7.2001 to 7.9. 2001
Condition Based Maintenance from
1.10.2001 to 7.12.2001
Management Development 
from 21.1.2002 to 29.3.2002
Training for Trainers 21.1.2002 - 29.3.2002


Mr. R. Rameezdeen

Centre for Space Science & Technology Education in Asia and Pacific,
Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Dehradun

Remote Sensing & Georgraphic Information SysteMs. 
27.8.2001 to 21.9.2001


Ms. J.R.Damayanthi
Mr. A.T.L.P.Samarasinghe
Ms. C.D.Polgahawattage
Mr. L.D.N.Kumarasiri
Mr. A.H.Gamage
Ms. K.D.A.Munasinghe
Mr. A.G.N.Gamage
Ms. N.N.Samaarasinha
Mr. M.G.W.Suraweera
Mr. C.Pallegama
Mr. K.Ranaweera
Mr. K.D.Jayatissa
Mr. R.B.Rathnayake

CMC Ltd., New Delhi

Computer Hardware 
6.8.2001 to 26.10.2001
Computer SoftwareAdvancne Training Programe in Information Technology
17.9.2001 to 26.10.2001
Software System Training from 7.1.2001 to 29.3.2002
Software System 7.1.2002 to 29.3.2002


Ms. P.M.Waanniarachchi
Mr. D.K.Bogahapitiya
Mrs. K.G.Liyanage
Mrs. A.A.Kusum Hettige
Mr. G.A.Indrapala
Mrs. B.M.P.Fernando
Mrs. E.A.D.Suneetha


Textile Testing and Quality ControlHuman Resources Management in Industry Textile Extension
1.10.2001 to 30.11.2001


Mrs. K.R.S.Gunatilake
Mr. S.De Seram
Ms. M.A.Wijesekara
Mr. K.S.Samarawickrama

Society for Development Studies, New Delhi

Need Assessment, Monitoring & Evaluation Techniques for Decentralized Planning
27.8.2001 - 19.10.2001


Mrs. D.N.D.Yapa
Mr. K.A.Anil

Bureau of Indian Standards, New Delhi

Standardization & Quality Systems for Developing Countries
11.10.2001 to 8.12.2001


Ms. I.M.Wijeratne
Mr. Premasiri Kumara
Mrs. A Sirimana Beling
Mrs. D.P.Senanayake
Mr. Suneth P.Perera


Total Quality Management & ISO 9000/14000
9000 (TQM) 8.10.2001 to 14.12.2001 
Food Processing EnterprisesPromotion of Financial Markets


Mr. M.D.N.Sepala

Comptroller And Auditor General of India, New Delhi

Audit of Public Works from 5.11.2001 to 14.12.2001

Slots utilised under ITEC Programme for the year 2001/2002

Sl.No Name & Address Institute Course & Session


Mrs. L.R.Jayawardena

Mr. C Kalansooriya

The Bureau of Parliament Studies and Training of the Lok Sabha Secretariat, New Delhi

Parliament Internship Programme 
from 21.9.2001 to 9.11.2001


Ms. W.A.Theja Gunatilalke

The Foreign Service Institute, New Delhi

28th PCFD Course 
4.10.2001 to 14.11.2001


Mr. P.R.N.S.Dilruk
Mr. S.S.L.Herath

Central Scientific Instruments Organizations, New Delhi

Management Development Programme on Operations, 
Maintenance and Repair of Analytical Equipment
from 8.8.2001 to 4.9.2001
Operation Maintenance & Repair of Biomedical Equipment
12.9.2001 to 6.11.2001


Mr. G.J.C.Silva
Mr. J.H.T.Jayamaha
Mrs. K.A.C.Iddamalgoda,

Central Institute of Tool Design, Hyderabad

Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Flexible Manufacturing System 
from 1.10.2001 to 7.12.2001


Ms. W.S.S.Kurera 
Mr. LS.Wijayaweera 
Mr. D.M.Karunasena
Mr. R.H.D.Wijesena 
Mrs. P.I.Kurera 
Mr. Kapila Sirisena
Mr. G.N.Kumarasinghe 
Mr. G.R.Padmasiri

NISIET, Hyderabad

Small Enterprises Policy and Promotions
23.7.2001 to 28.9.2001
Small Enterprises Management Consultancy
Skills Small Enterprises Financing Approached and Strategies
E-Library and Information Management


Mr. M.G.M.Prasantha
Mr. S.Kindelpitiya

Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi

Diploma Course in Journalism
1.8.2001 to 1.11.2001


Mrs. W.S.Cooray
Mrs. K.Gunawardena

Institute of Applied Manpower Research, New Delhi

Human Resources Planning and Development
from 2.8.2001 to 26.9.2001


Mrs. I.Jeyakumar
Mr. J.Weeraratna
Mr. Sunil Jayalath
Mrs. Pushpa Nissanka

NationalInstitute of Rural Developlment, Hyderabad

Income Generating Activities for
Rural Women: Identification, Planning & Implementation
20.9.2001 to 31.10.2001
Managing Human Development Programmes for Rural Reconstruction
1.10.2001 - 30.11.2001


Mr. P.Kumarasiri
Mrs. Indrani Abesinghe

Entrepreneurship Development Instituteof India, Ahmedabad

Faculty Development Programme in 
Entrepreneurship for Developing Countries 
from 20.8.2001 - 28.9.2001


Mr. M.B.Cyril

Central Fertilizer Quality Control and Training Institute, Faridabad

Fertilizer Quality Control 
from 8.10.2001 to 9.11.2001


Mr. H.Ranathunga
Mrs. .D.D.Rupasinghe
Ms. RM.Damitha 
Kumari A.S.G.Susil

Tata Infotech, New Delhi

Web Centric TechnologiesOffice Technologies & Internet Applications
27.8.20201 - 16.11.2001


Mr. W.D.Kularathna 
Mr. E.J.S.Munasinghe 
Mr. S.Senthilkumar

Centre For Electronics Design and Technology of India, Mohali, Chandigarh

Repair Maintenance of Telecom Terminal Equipment,
PC Periipherals 
24.9.01 to 14.12.01
Multimedia & Web Design Technology


Mr. P.Madarasinghe

National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research, Mohali

Inspection of Pharmaceuticial facilities
3.9.2001- 21.9.2001


Mrs. Amarasinghe

V.V.Giri National Labour Institute, Noida

Towards Efforts for Child Labour Free Societgies in
Developing Economies 
5.9.2001- 25.9.2001


Mr. M.K.Manamendra

Central Institute of English & Foreign Languages, Hyderabad

English for Professionals: Elementary and Advanced 
from 3.10.2001 to 20.12.2001


Mrs. E.N.Ponnamperuma

National Institute
For Entrepreneur-ship & Small Busisness Development, Delhi

Business Advisor's Training Programme


Mrs. Chamila 
Deepanjale Dayawansa
Mr. T.Ruwan Kumara

National Crime Records Bureau, New Delhi

Information Technology in Law Enforcement
Advanced Finger Print Science & Computers 
from 7.1.2002 -28.3.2002


Mr. CDPR Basanayake

Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Dehradun

Remote Sensing 
from 7.1.2002 to 1.3.2002