Programmes of SVCC

Programmes of SVCC


ICCR has programmes geared to increase scholarly, artistic and literary interaction between India and friendly countries around the world.  Two of these programmes are the Distinguished Visitors' programme and the Orientation Grant.

Eminent persons from abroad are invited to visit India under the Distinguished Visitors Programme of ICCR.  Similarly Orientation Grant is given by the ICCR to scholars/artistes desirous of staying or longer periods in India.  This program provides avenues for research and study in India. urther strengthen the cultural bonds between the two countries by providing avenues for research and study in India.

Last year the recipients from Sri Lanka for both these programmes were:-


Professor D.C.R.A Goonetilleke: Prof. Goonetilleke, Head of the Department of English, University of Kelaniya visited India under the Distinguished Visitor programme in October 2005. Under this programme Prof. Goonetilleke met academics, visited universities in Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur and also visited several famous cultural sites in India.


1. Dr. Basil Mihiripenne: Dr. Mihiripenne was given a 3 month scholarship from June to September 2005 to undertake research work in Kathakali- the ancient form of theater cum dance of Kerala. Dr. Mihiripenne is a past pupil of Kerala Kala Mandalam and during his study tour he visited leading training institutions on Kathakali as well as Kalakshetraya, Ravindra Bharathi University and Shanti Niketan. - See more at:

2. Mr. W.Indrapala de Silva : Mr. Indrapala de Silva is Sri Lanka's only exponent of Sarangi. This is one of the most important bowed stringed instruments of north Indian Classical music.Mr. Silva utilized the 3 month grant to undertake training in Sarangi under maestro Ustad Sultan Khan. - See more at: