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The Indian Council of Cultural Relations offers over 1700 scholarships under various schemes to nationals of various countries to pursue higher studies in India. These scholarships cover a wide range of disciplines and courses which include doctoral studies, post-graduate and under graduate courses, besides training in performing arts. The three major scholarship schemes of the Council are the General Cultural Scholarship Scheme, Bilateral Cultural Exchange Scholarships and the ICCR Scholarship Scheme. The Council also administers Scholarships instituted by GOI as well as International Organizations, such as the Commonwealth Fellowhip Plan, Technical Cooperation Scheme of Colombo Plan, and South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation Fellowship Scheme. There is a special focus on Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Mauritius, in view of our close and friendly relationship with these neighbouring countries.

Infact, at any given time, The Council supports nearly 2000 scholars in India. Under its scholarship schemes, the Council provides for full tuition and other compulsory fees, a reasonable stripend, house rent allowance, medical benefits, contingency allowance and other charges. The Council also provides services to cover the personal, academic, social and cultural needs of the foreign students.

We are in the process of creating an Alumni data bank of students who studied in India, under the various schemes of scholarship offered by ICCR in order to maintain continued interaction with them. Those students whose names have been inadvertently missed out in the data bank are requested to kindly register online to enable us update our lists. Any changes in address, job/work place may also be bought to our attention.

We look forward to creation of a dynamic network of persons across the world who have studied in India.

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