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Instructions for attestation of Indian / Sri Lankan documents:

(i)            Applicants may visit the Visa Application Centre on any working day between 0900 hrs to 1200 hrs to deposit the document/s to be attested. The delivery of the attested document/s would be done from 0900 hrs to 1200 hrs on every working day.

(ii)           Documents issued from Indian side should be attested at first from Indian authorities in India as per the list attached at Annexure-A

(iii)           Documents issued from Sri Lanka side should be attested from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Sri Lanka. 

(iv)           Indian nationals should submit photocopies of their passport and valid visa along with documents. 

(v)           Sri Lankan nationals should submit photocopies of their passport, NIC card along with documents.

(vi)           Fee structure for attestation is provided at Passport and Consular Services Tab.