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The Indian education system has conquered a strong position in international circuit. India is a popular destination for higher education amongst Sri Lankan students as the country has an unparalleled variety of academic courses. A large number of students fly to India every year from all corners of the globe to satisfy their desire for learning more. Studying in India, the second largest higher education network in the World is an enriching experience in itself.

A welcoming atmosphere, non-discriminative approach and an assured educational and career growth is what attracts students from all over the world to India and assured educational and career growth.

There are universities focusing on the study of medicine, arts and language, journalism, social work, business, commerce, planning, architecture, engineering, and other specialised studies. Most Indian universities teach in English Medium and conduct special language classes for those weak in English.

India has an impressive list of universities and colleges sprawled across its major states and cities, which have inducted numerous foreign students from time to time. With 343 universities and 17000 colleges, India offers a wide spectrum of courses that are recognized globally.

Apart from undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral courses, there are many training and diploma-level institutes and polytechnics that cater to the growing demand for skill-based and vocational education. The quality education that India offers is within the reach of every income-group considering the reasonable fee structure. With 66 distance education institutions functioning in 60 universities besides 11 open universities, India has an enlarged outreach of distance education as well.

So, visit India and be a part of an educational system that lives on the values of quality, growth and truthfulness.

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