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High Commissioner’s address at the inauguration of Shilpa Kala May 25, 2017

High Commissioner’s address at the inauguration of

Shilpa Kala May 25, 2017

Hon. Karu Jayasuriya, Speaker of the Parliament

Smt Jaya Jaitley, Mr Keerthisena,

Talented Artists from Sri Lanka and India,

Distinguished Guests,  

आयु बोवन ! (Ayubovan)

  • I welcome all of you to the inauguration of Shilpa Kala - 2017. It is a privilege to have a friend of India – Hon’ble Karu Jayasuriya, with us this morning.
  • Shilpa Kala will showcase the best of traditional handicrafts from both countries. It will also emphasize the confluence of cultures that underlie the handicrafts traditions in both India and Sri Lanka.
  • Indian handicrafts are not unknown to Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan art creations are already popular with Indians. Shilpa kala is focused to take this relationship to a higher level.
  • Government of India has taken many steps to promote Indian handicrafts abroad. But, this a unique event, where we are focusing not only on Indian handicrafts but also providing a platform for Sri Lankan artisans. Shilpa Kala is a joint partnership between Dastakaari Haat Samiti from New Delhi and Hands of Sri Lanka foundation in Colombo. Smt Jaya Jaitley and Mr Keerthisena have put in special efforts to bring them together.
  • This is in line with the thinking of Indian leadership that all of us, particularly Sri Lanka and India, should grow together. We cannot prosper in isolation.
  • Sri Lanka can also benefit at a global level by partnering with resurgent India including in the field of Handicrafts. Partnership would help Sri Lanka market her products to a larger audience. India is a huge market for Sri Lankan Handicraft products! Regular Sri Lankan participation in Surajkund Mela (Crafts Festival) in India and the amount of popularity they receive is a known example.
  • As you are aware, India continues to be the largest source of tourists into Sri Lanka, accounting for almost one-fifth of all tourist arrivals. Efforts like Shilpa Kala would attract more tourists and strengthen our timeless links of history, religion and culture and people.
  • I thank artisans from Dastakaari Haat Samiti, and Hands of Sri Lanka foundation, and wish them a successful exhibition!


बोहमा स्तुति (Bohama Stuti)

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